Frescoed Stories

I accept.
I'm a liar.
But really, that isn't the approriate and befitting description for me.
I don't lie...Well,I just leave out a lot of "unnecesary" details.
You could call it whatever you wanna, but I insist it's an essential trait of a realist (just to say sharp gurl/guy, I went to school noni :p ).

You have had 6 "bedmates" and you are confusd about the current one (Mr. Right Now No.7)... You need advice,so your girlfriend(s) is the first link to clear thinking. In the course of explaining your predicament, it dawns on you that your girlfriend has made out with just 3 guys and has had sex with 1 (Jeez- Life must be a Bitch, Eh?)... You can't talk about this issue without relating it to your other escapades...therefore, a dilemma presents itself. Since you can't stop the story abruptly,you'ld have to:

1. Tell the truth, recounting your 'many' stories. You'ld watch the shock rise from her upper face to the sides of her mouth. If she's not nice, her judgemental response will end up crushing you and you'ld so(oooooooooo...) wish you had kept mute about it (although you'ld have been compounding your problems)...+girls talk a lot so who knows where it would get to!

2. Leave out some details or/and play the saint in your concoted all your Mr Right Nows get the hard mean lines and you end up getting comforted, gaining all your girlfriend's sympathy. Call it lying but you got the answer to your problems without being dissed! LG (Life's Good)...Yeah!!

Leslie's Story
She has been in love with him for years...but owing to some unalterable circumstances (one of the usuals- religion,class,distance) they've been on and off for 6 He was away for 2 years and now He's back- asking what went on during His absence. He wants to make up for her loss and He's ready to give His all. He talked about marriage.
In His absence, she tried getting into real relationships (5 attempts and none was productive; a lot of sexual games, little understanding, all resulting into her current psychological stance on men and relationships).
The questions are- Should she tell Him the truth? Is it fair on her to tell Him the truth and be lambasted for being honest? Isn't it better to hide the truth and work towards a better life with Him? Will marrying Him and hiding the truth give her the peace of mind we all search for in our daily lives? (Come to think of it, No one knows what went down during HER absence...Hmmmmm!)

Moral of the story is
This time...Y'all gotta advise Leslie- Real good friend of mine. I've given my piece...Be nice and help a sis' out people! Comment!

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  1. Niceeeee!!!! Buh if she dares open her mouthhh.. Sori 4 her

  2. U dint give reason y should be quiet bou wt went down.

  3. Sowie bou d typo...I meant u dnt give ur reason for tellin her to be quiet. She was considering shutting the hell up anyways...but u know ow much of a female dog guilty conscience is...waiting.

  4. Lying is good. Lying is healthy. The greatest relationships are not built on d foundation of trust but lies. Lie to your Lover. Dts the new movement. L2YL!

  5. Ok! I have a supporter ryt ere! Yayyy!!! @the greatest relationships...I totally agree...We shouldn't let our bloody mistakes hurt the people we d best fng is to bury that shit and move the fuck on! L2YL! Lmfao!

  6. this is why I never tell my gf's about my sexual escapades. if they knew the truth, they'd probably just run away.

    on the other hand some might actually want to find out more...

  7. Well, to be honest, I'm pretty inquisitive, so ild like to know what I'm up against...But telling a guy what has occurred in his gf's past...not sexy... The Freudian theory comes up- Women; The Weaker Vessels! Yeah Yeah!



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