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Hell Hath No Fury...Blah Blah Blah

I just woke up.
I'm as cranky as an hungry old man.
Been having dis weird (really strange) transitions since I became lonely.
No Boyfriend, No Friend.
Life is Beautiful but I can't see it.
Well, not to be totalli pessimistic,I see it, but I'm just busy caring about necessary rubbish...things I don't need or better still, things I don't need right now.
I'm one of those people who allows the lil things toy with their emotions.
I cry and get mad at absolute crap.
Last thursday (not certain), I was making out with this really fine ass guy...ladies' facking man in err area (Oh! Excpt he yanns bullocks...plenri crap mayne) and all I could fink of was why he couldn't love me.
I rmba some years back, which could be considered the beginning of my drinking 'habit', when I drank too much and broke down in tears lamenting about ow cruelly life was treating me (my roommates were my first (original) test to reality and dammmmmnnnnnn!!! Twas bloody!! - a lil' exaggerated tho)
Many a time, ild be sooooooo elated (all day, sometimes erdei) but one lil' thought of wat I dnt av would pop up in my head playn d bad angel...making my life a living hell....making d bigger problems seem less of an issue...and like an idiot Il embrace it and transfer the aggression- distribute the madness around.

Moral of the Story is:
MOOD SWINGS are UNNECESSARY TORTURE on ur thought processes.
... According to (very brief) research, mood swings come up as emotional symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome and menopause,also some depressing medical conditions, stress and the others.
... The thing is mood swings are extreme trivialities 'cos u coulda spent d tym, actn like a mad man I once saw stamping on a pond of water, doing beta fings (he prolly thought the pond of water was the cause of his problem- he definately never came across Fela's "Water No Get Enemy"; God forgive me).
... Also, they affect the people around us in more ways than we can imagine. They destroy our friendships; relationships built over the years and have developed into a significant part of our being. We push our friends and family (boyfriend sef) away and create a distance causing them to find anoda 'us' somewhere else. The most painful part is we don't even realise the gravity of this green goblin (mood swing noni).
... The best way to deal with it as soon as possible is to program ur anger into something productive- drive, write, cook, talk talk (sense), read, get laid (if u say I said u should program ur anger into something and you go and drink or smoke, then u end up worse or u go and knack d wrongest person,na u know o...iv listed wt I knw can help) - take out the bad blood asap!
Give urself brain sharply!


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