The Bedroom Comedy

You know when you have to wait months to hit that thing and then you fuck up.
As in eh, when you mess up seriously! Yeah, that *I wanna die feeling* happened to me o. Choi!
Met this girl, can’t even remember how we met. She was sha on ma bbm.
Correct babe, boobies to die for, light skinned hottie, better yansh *wipes sweat*
And yes she was in lust with me.
Sexy slim toh bad, the ladies are (ok were) tripping.
Back to the story.
The girl wanted the D, so p-setting was really easy. I didn’t have to convince her unendingly.
She wasn’t in Lagos at that time. She was somewhere in Delta/Edo.
And then you know, the sexual frustration grew cos we didn’t see. We exchanged messages, how much we wanted to bang each other ...that kinda thing.
She had the dirtiest mouth, I literarily moved around with a hard-on. I made mouth mayne. DAMN!!! Telling her I would do that, how I would keep hitting it for 25minutes non-stop. The multiple orgasm I would give her, oh la la.  She wanted me eh, like madt.
She could not wait to see me. I didn’t care if she was knacking anyone else in Delta, my own was that when she gets to Lagos, I wud be hitting that.
After 3 months of pent up frustration she finally came to Lagos
And then she was coming to my house the next day. O lawd, I couldn’t sleep that night. And then she came to the “slaughter” house. Omo when I saw the booby in real life choi, they were begging to be released from her tank top.
And I thought it is about to go down, nobody was kuku at home. She got in, I gave her drinks trying to do perfect gentleman *me wey na knack dey ma mind*. She just took like half of the drink and she was all over me ni sha.
The kissing and touching and al the senrenre started.
Omo that girl was on heat, I didn’t know when John T was out and her panties were off. Then I slotted it in (yeah I remembered to use a condom).
1st thrust,
2nd thrust,
and maybe 7 thrusts or less sef,
 and I dropped my load.
Omo I wanted the ground to swallow me.
The babe gave me this disappointing look and said "A SE O TI E LE".
Omo Mehn, I wan  die
I tried to murmur an excuse about it being the first round, the babe just put her pants in her bag and wore her jeans then left. I could not even convince her for another round.
We haven’t spoken till date.
I have always prayed that she doesn’t gist her friends.
I can’t even imagine being described as a 1 minute man.

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  1. Lol...I know oe that shit feels.

  2. Mehn...wat excitement can cause

  3. Omg lwkm pele I kn dat feeling too.



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