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Trade by Barter

It started out as a conversation.
I and my friend were discontented about our financial status.
I talked about how pleasant it would be if I had ‘sufficient’ and steady income.
She talked about how she could not bring herself to ask men for money.
We talked about the Aristo Chics we knew that summed up enough courage to collect humongous amounts from their customers.
God was listening to our conversation. He had to make a comedy out of it, so he provided me what Unilag girls would call ‘opportunity’.
Later that day, I was buying yoghurt around Honours when a white jeep honked at me. I walked up to the car and saw that an old man (most likely older than my father) was the driver and only occupant of the vehicle.
“Good afternoon Sir”.
“Good afternoon my dear. Do you stay in this hostel?”
“No Sir.”
“Where do you stay?”
“Moremi Sir.” I lied, “Is there any problem Sir?”
“No my dear. I would just like to know you better. I want you to be my friend”
I could not help but laugh. It was …