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Pot of Beans

I had just finished downing an elaborate plate of Beans and Garri and decided to lie down after overfeeding. I was still in my nightdress and it was a Saturday morning, so the laziness streak had hung around I had been tossing and turning as I had a truckload of materials on my bed and sleeping on them was just uncomfortable. As I made an attempt to get up and fix this uncomfortable situation, the room seemed like it shook and something pushed me back on the bed. Eh? I tried to get up again and the thing pushed me back again. Ok. I forced myself up. I was sure to fall back so I held on to the bedpost and leaned on the wardrobe to assist my standing. It was then I realized that I was terribly dizzy. I managed to get to the sitting room, then I began calling for help. “Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!” My mother sat down there without attempting to move an inch. “Kilode? (What is it?)” She did not get up so I called for my Daddy instead. I was lying on one of the chairs now and my head was spinning t…


Sometime ago, I decided to stop having sex. It was a tough decision as I was endeared to someone who constantly demanded ‘his’ share of body; because I did not understand how intimacy was shown outside of touching and teasing; because I did not know any other way to ‘love’. I wanted to know what life felt like outside of it and if I would find better if I stayed away from it. The thought of sex and the act itself had never given me long-lasting joy. So why stick to it? Sex, around the years when I detested it, was a thing of disgust and a habit at the same time. I hated it because it made me vulnerable, emotional and left me open to all sorts of physical and mental injury. A habit - because of the men who noticed my love for sex and utilized every opportunity to cajole me into wanting it. Unfortunately, they really did leave me wanting. The only reason I opened up was the hope for better, mind-blowing, back-arching, tear filled, fist clenching, out-of-this-world, pillow-screaming …