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Mummy and Daddy

She knew the world before I did.
She had been in the game before me, hence it was only natural that she was the instructor.
She taught me that locking lips was more of an art than an activity, that women could pleasure women as much as men could.  Through her, I learnt the primary areas of pleasure.  We sneaked around from time to time to touch our body parts - breasts today, bums on other days, We enjoyed our company so much that our parents let us hang out as much as we wanted.  No one could have suspected we were up to anything 'immoral'.  There were no boys present.
We were brought up in the way of the Lord and no one ever left any 'adult' materials lying around, so from where would we learn such indecency? We were kids and we were girls.  What do little girls know about lesbianism? It was unheard of.  Daddy only suspected my older brothers' friends and long distance uncles and cousins. Mummy eavesdropped on my home tutor and I whenever she was home and had ou…