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It was my first night sleeping at Bae's and I was totally uncomfortable but I couldn't complain. 
I figured that it was only natural that people didn't sleep well outside their homes. 
So I thought it would get better. 
Bae's crib wasn't awesome. He didn't have a flat screen, no air conditioning, no space... 
His one room apartment could not take much, but I was his Orente, so I looked beyond 'material' things.

It was 2:18 am and I couldn't sleep. 
I had swollen bite marks all over my body. I think I counted over 50 out of frustration. 
I sat up positioned to 'clap dead' the invisible mosquitoes that were trying to kill me in my sleep, but they were too clever for me.
I couldn't fathom sleeping back so I stayed up till dawn. 

By the fifth day at Bae's, I was at wit's end..
I had began sleeping at work. 
It was obvious that I was uncoordinated because I dragged around doing my corporate duties. 
I stayed past closing hours, wishing there was …