It was my first night sleeping at Bae's and I was totally uncomfortable but I couldn't complain. 
I figured that it was only natural that people didn't sleep well outside their homes. 
So I thought it would get better. 
Bae's crib wasn't awesome. He didn't have a flat screen, no air conditioning, no space... 
His one room apartment could not take much, but I was his Orente, so I looked beyond 'material' things.

It was 2:18 am and I couldn't sleep. 
I had swollen bite marks all over my body. I think I counted over 50 out of frustration. 
I sat up positioned to 'clap dead' the invisible mosquitoes that were trying to kill me in my sleep, but they were too clever for me.
I couldn't fathom sleeping back so I stayed up till dawn. 

By the fifth day at Bae's, I was at wit's end..
I had began sleeping at work. 
It was obvious that I was uncoordinated because I dragged around doing my corporate duties. 
I stayed past closing hours, wishing there was a bed somewhere at work, but of course, there wasn't so I had to go back to Bae's. 
I had agreed to stay a week at Bae's, after a lot of pleading. 
I wasn't the kinda girl that fell back on her word, so I was going to keep my end of the bargain... although the mosquitoes were not included in our deal. 

On the night before I was meant to go home, I was up positioned for the mosquitoes as usual when I noticed a crawling insect perched on my thigh. 
I had never seen it before. I immediately killed it and woke Bae up to ask what it was. 
Bae said it was a bedbug. 
You should have seen my face when he said "bedbug". 
"Are you joking?"
He laughed, "it's nothing Honey. People have it around here."
That threw me off balance. 

I'd never seen a bedbug in my life but I had heard stories about it. 
I was once told that bedbugs were a sign of abject poverty and here was this man telling me that it was nothing. 
I picked up my phone and googled 'bedbug'. 
I learnt about its rotten 'strawberrie' smell, life cycle and all of that Wikipedia mumbojumbo. 
I was totally disgusted. 
I got up and began dusting all of my clothes, carefully packing them in my little box as soon as I was sure they were bedbug free. 
I didn't wait for breakfast or wait to shower. 
I patiently waited till it was 7:30 am that Saturday morning before I took a cab home. 

This Orente life was not for me. 

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