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Girl in Wonderland

We kiss like our life depends on it.
You've taken me in places and ways no one has.
With you I really can't control myself.

My body knows when you're around. She's often so excited that she says "welcome" with a trickle down my legs.
You know this so sometimes you front like a little girl.
Gosh, I hate it when you front.
It turns me on and makes me want you more.
I look so stupid when I want you and you know this.
Fuck you.

My best part is when you tie me up to my bed, tape ice to my nipples, torment me with your fingers before taking my breath away in hard strokes. Have I ever mentioned how fantastic I think Little Yu is?

I once told you I loved you amidst tears while you were loving me.
I felt your entire breadth in my womb and loved it.
"Ugh. You'reee... Ugh. Hittiiiing mmm... Ugh. my cervix. Ugh.... Easy..."
Pain with pleasure is the sweetest, isn't it?

Can you recall that time when I begged you to let me h…