Girl in Wonderland

We kiss like our life depends on it.
You've taken me in places and ways no one has.
With you I really can't control myself.

My body knows when you're around. She's often so excited that she says "welcome" with a trickle down my legs.
You know this so sometimes you front like a little girl.
Gosh, I hate it when you front.
It turns me on and makes me want you more.
I look so stupid when I want you and you know this.
Fuck you.

My best part is when you tie me up to my bed, tape ice to my nipples, torment me with your fingers before taking my breath away in hard strokes. Have I ever mentioned how fantastic I think Little Yu is?

I once told you I loved you amidst tears while you were loving me.
I felt your entire breadth in my womb and loved it.
"Ugh. You'reee... Ugh. Hittiiiing mmm... Ugh. my cervix. Ugh.... Easy..."
Pain with pleasure is the sweetest, isn't it?

Can you recall that time when I begged you to let me have your child while we were doing it on the floor of my apartment?
Shit. Haven't been able to get over me saying that.

Oh! And there was that time when you were supposed to go for a party but you were two hours early, so you chose to waste some time with me.
Of course we did it, and we did it well!
So well my juices were all over your party shirt and you had to cancel.

Can't forget that stroll and how you convinced me to take you in my mouth.
I refused and acted like a 5 year old who wouldn't give out her candy.
You breathed into my ears and told me that I was a coward if I didn't.
You knew I hated to be dared so you weren't amazed when I took you all in, behind that old mustang in my neighbour's parking line.
I saw your face. Naughty boy.

Will you tease me with baby oil again and rub it all over me then take delicate footsteps on my back to relieve the day's stress before putting me to bed with slow sex accompanied with the voice of Trey Songz like you did last week?
We could share a blunt before. I promise to make dinner after.

I have your fingernails all over me though.
I got new scratches last night while I dreamt of you making me scream.

I dream of you every day, pleasing me in the most sensational positions,
but I've never had you.


Because I'm scared that we'll never have it this good in real life.


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