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Very Delicious, Very Sumptuous

It was a Tuesday evening and I didn't want to go to the house. I couldn't exactly make up my mind why I was feeling this way - whether it was because it didn't feel like home or there had been no light for over three weeks and the heat was epic. Either ways, I needed a good excuse to stay longer hours at work that day.  I had even contemplated watching a movie by myself but I'm one of those that believe cinemas are a waste of money if you're more than 10 in the room. Why should I pay N1500 to watch a movie and be interrupted by people who don't know the difference between a cinema room and UNILAG's main auditorium?  Sorry to digress.  I finally decided to go to the house and get a shawarma on my way. That would take a little more time. I was going to walk instead of taking a cab too. Hopefully, everyone would have slept by the time I got to the house. I got to the Shawarma joint and settled in a plastic chair outside. As I was about to go through Instagram…