#BirthdayRant: When it’s your birthday and you can’t sleep…

Sorry to disappoint you... this is not another sensual story.
It's the morning of my birthday and things aren't quite what they were (about) 2 years ago.
1.12 am and the only messages I've gotten are from GT Bank and First Bank. Well, Twitter was nice enough to put up balloons.
So much for being a birthday girl.
I guess all my friends are tired 'cause I didn't feel this deserted some years ago.
Too early to say yeah? 
The usual birthday programme went this way:
- The lover always called first; called to sing me a song, talk me through the early hours, pray for or with me... Basically, just be there. But as we don't have Bae in 2016, Jesus has taken the wheel. 
Oluwa gba ko so. (Lord take control).
- The main calls troop in between 6 am and 3 pm. Phone is everly ringing like a business centre in 2002. From uncles to unwanted suitors. Hopefully, they'll call us this year and 0956 will not block the call because mobile marketing.
Aside: First human birthday message just came in.
Moving on.
- Mummy and Daddy prayers. MFM mode activated.
Definitely need the prayers to revive everyone in the friend zone since 'friend' is now scarce. Maybe it's the economy.
- Then Jollof oh Jollof accompanied with Turkey and other delightful dishes! God bless my mother!

Gbogbo e gbogbo e (everything everything) balls down to how all of the excitement about things and days like birthdays tone down as you get older... Well, in my case. 
Awon runs girls mi L'Eko At'Abuja mo what's up (Runs girls in Lagos and Abuja don't have to go through this).
Anyhow anyhow... Happy birthday to me.

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